Face Packs & Masks

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We teach you to make different types of Masks and Face Packs like:

  1. Paraffin Hot Wax Mask
  2. Hydrocolloid Mask
  3. Milk and Honey Self Heating Mask
  4. Wheat Germ Mask
  5. Cream Face Mask
  6. Non-Cream Face Mask
  7. Gel Mask
  8. Peel-Off Mask
  9. Exo-Thermical Mask (Thermo Herb Mask)
  10. Nutrient Rick Mask
  11. Body Wrap
  12. Skin Tightening Face Mask
  13. Cleansing Clay Mask
  14. Bentonite Peel of Mask
  15. Skin Care Preparations Using Essential Oils
  16. Black Mud Mask
  17. Arroma Oil For Different Type of Skin
  18. Acne Mask
  19. Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Now learn the complete course for Rs. 8500

* Excluding Chocolate Mask and Scrub