We conduct this workshop every Once a month. It is a 4 Days each Soap Workshop.

We Teach in Commercial basis after learning from Lansh You Can Start Your own Business.

Day 1 :

MELT & POUR BASE : We  teach from ready M& P base basic and advanced Design.

Theory part:

  • Colour Mixing
  • Knowledge of Soap Base
  • Knowledge of  soap making equipment
  • Knowledge of soap perfume /Essential oil /Herbs /Clay
  • introduction to soap color

  • Practical part:

    • Making plain soap bars
    • Opaque soap
    • Cleansing Soap
    • Herbal Soap for Pimple or problematic skin
    • Layering  soap
    • Chunks
    • Swirl
    • Tie & Dye
    • Embeds
    • Suspending scrubs / Flower and Granules
    • Herbal & Clay soap
    • Hand On Training
    • Fruit Shapes
    • Jewel stone Soap
    • Water Solubal Paper Using Soap

One Day Course

Fess INR 6500

Day 2 :

COLD PROCESS SOAP : we teach theory & practical  of cold process soap making / benefit  of hand made soap / create own formulation / chemistry of oil there property /Calculation of  lye and water.


Day 3 :

HOT PROCESS : we teach hot process and rebatching.

cold process set aside for several day .hot process like cooking method in double boil or traditional kadhai method speed up saponification process by cooking method .

Re batching : is perfect method to fix imperfect soap in new perfect soap , great way to use left over scrap .


Day 4 :

Liquid soap : made from Natural oil and other Fat and use as multipurpose way face wash /Body wash /Hand wash and lot of  other use.


WHIPPED CREAM SOAP: whipped cream more like a foaming body butter or semi solid soap. You can Use as shaving cream /body wash / face wash .

Hand on Practice and Takeaways sample made by students:

Booking one week before compulsory.

course material including in fess

Bring any ID Proof and passport size Photograph

Market bought Transparent Glycerin soap Surfactant Base lot of Chemicals ingredient in that Soap.

Learn To Make Natural Transparent Soap from Scratch with your choice of oil.

1 day Course